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become a part of a world of color, light, and aural adventure: solaris.

create, destroy, move and manipulate the objects and surroundings at your disposal. watch as colors pulse across your screen, listen as the sound and music shifts based on what you want to see and hear. solaris is a living canvas for you to explore and change.

in this world, death is a concept that does not exist. there are no threats waiting to sneak up on you. nothing wants to see you defeated. there are no bosses, and there is no true ending. there is no pressure, and you are not required to "play" a certain way. the only thing that exists is you and the experience you wish to create.

solaris is a Pay-What-You-Want game for Windows computers. download is available in .zip, installer, or standalone .exe. plans for Linux, Mac, and potential iOS ports are also on the horizon.

NOTE: solaris runs in Wine, but it crashes on fullscreen & stars detonate automatically. if you wish to play the game through Wine, please keep this in mind!

= = = !!! B U Y E R B O N U S E S !!! = = =

purchase solaris for $5 or more (formerly $15!!!!) and you will be able to access the download for "WITHIN SOLARIS" - a special 12-track compilation album containing material from solar inception and The Horizon of Silence, including rare / unreleased songs + remixes and an exclusive single composed using the actual sounds from solaris. 

NOTE: This game is no longer supported.


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solaris_v1.0r_installer_win7.exe 17 MB
solaris_v1.0r_standalone_win7.exe 16 MB
solaris_v1.0r_archive_win7.zip 16 MB
WITHIN SOLARIS - solar inception + The Horizon of Silence (2013 compilation).zip 108 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more